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Whilst attending Microsoft courses, you must have seen the information details on the desktop wallpaper of the machine you are using. This is a tiny application called BackInfo.exe. From what I gather, it is an application that is not available anymore and all the articles discussing BackInfo lead to dead ends.

Backinfo is a very useful tool, infact better than the current ones that are available on the web. It enables you to visibly identify the computer that you are logged on to.

To save you days of trouble searching for Backinfo, I have it here for you to download - as a zip file.

* download here *
File: (60.18 Kb)

The MD5 Checksum for this zip file is: FB854AE76CE539C755FB1E71C68C75BEA9398A77

BackInfo Demo Screen

You can edit the BackInfo.ini file to your own liking, to display system details of what you would like to see on the machine's background wallpaper.

Note: I do not consider this distributing BackInfo, I merely would like you to see what this application is capable off by trying it yourself. Also, This application is made available for you to use at your own risk. I am quite sure this tool can't do anything wrong, but I thought I would still add this disclaimer.

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