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DIY BMW Headlight &
Indicator Removal

impee's DIY Headlight & Indicator Removal BMW 318i e46
How to remove Headlight & Indicator yourself!

Difficulty Level: Easy / Medium

Approximate Time For This Project: 15 mins

Prices: Professional labour costs for adjusting Headlight & Indicator Bulbs - £27 (private) or £77 (BMW) - per hour X 0.5 hours

Philips Screw Driver   from your BMW car tool kit  1  
Tissue  To clean the inside of the Cover Glass   1  

*prices correct at time of publication

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1) Assemble Your Kit + Notes

This DIY enables you to open the BMW Headlight and Indicator to allow you to clean or change the bulbs.

All that is required is a Philips Screwdriver to open the indicator and a tissue that will be use while handling the bulbs.

Note: It is important that you do not touch the bulbs with your bare hands as the oil on the skin reduces the life of any bulb. It is recommended to wipe the bulb with spirit if you touch it.

A diagram of the Headlight.

BMW Headlight


2) Cover Strip - Removal

As indicated, remove the Cover Strip by pulling its 5 clips out.

Refer to image in Step #6.

BMW Headlight


3) Plastic Trim - Removal

Remove the Plastic Trim by pulling its 5 clips out.

First pull it off and outwards from the right side and the rest of them will also come out.

Refer to image in Step #6.

BMW Headlight


4) Indicator - Removal

To remove the indicator, loosen the philips screw in the hole as indicated. There is no need to fully remove the screw.

BMW Headlight


5) Indicator - Removed

Once the screw is loose, pull out the indicator and take off the cable by un-doing the clip.

BMW Headlight


6) Cover Glass - Removal

As indicated, remove the Cover Glass by un-doing its 7 clips.

Start with the clips of the bottom....i.e. take the wide clips out of their hole.

Once clips are out of the holes, then pull the cover off.

BMW Headlight


7) Headlight Dismantled

The headlight has now be more or less dismantled.

BMW Headlight


8) Re-assembly

Now work in reverse order following all the above steps whilst fitting the below items.

BMW Headlight

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DIY BMW e46 Headlight Removal by - impee

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