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DIY Fuel Filter Change

impee's DIY Fuel Filter Change for BMW 318i e46
How to Change Fuel Filter yourself!

Difficulty Level: Easy / Medium

Approximate Time For This Project: 30 mins

Prices: Professional labour costs for Changing Fuel Filter - £55 (private) or £155 (BMW) - per hour X 1 hours

Fuel Filter Part Number: 13327512019 Part #1. BMW 1 £55
Fuel Filter Non Original 1 £45
Socket Wrench 1  
8mm Socket     1  
10mm Socket     1  
Flat Head Screw Driver     1  
Jack Stands / Axle Stands
Fire Extinguisher There should be one underneath the drivers seat.   1  

*prices correct at time of publication

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1) Assemble Your Kit + Notes

Below is the total kit I used. As you can see, there aren't many tools required for this job at all.

Note: This is a very small/short job, however there is 1 difficult part, i.e. removing the pipes from the old Fuel Filter...this takes a lot of energy and patience.

Change Duration: I personally believe that the Fuel Filter should be replaced every 5 years.

The part to change is Part #1 and in the bigger diagram here between the 11s.

Fuel Filter Change Kit


2) Car On Jack Stands

I recommend that the side of the car be lifted/raised on to 2 Jack Stands.

I personally leave the actual car Jack still raised under the car, close to where I work, just to provide me with some insurance incase any of the Jack Stands fail!

For more details on lifting the car on Jack Stands, please refer to this page.

BMW on Jack Stands


3) Fuel Pump Fuse - Removal

Open up the car's glove compartment on the passenger side and open the cover to the fuse box by turning the two white knobs, then pull down the fuse box slowly.

Locate the fuse in position #54 (irrelevant is the number of the fuse itself), and remove it using the small red fuse clip that you will find in the fuse box.

For your particular car, please refer to the white card and ensure that #54 is the correct one.

Next start the car, until it is not possible to start it anymore. This removes any remaining/extra fuel from the fuel lines.

BMW Fuse Box


BMW Fuse Box


BMW Fuse Box


BMW Fuse Box


4) Take Off Shield

Some DIYs state there may be a shield to cover the Fuel Filter from getting damaged, however mine did not.

If you do happen to find this shield, remove it's 3 or more nuts. You will need a 8mm socket.

Locate the Fuel Filter. This will be found more or less directly underneath the passenger foot mat, but obviously on the under carriage of the car.


5) Fuel Filter Bracket - Removal

Remove the 1 nut holding the bracket in place. You will need a 10mm socket.

BMW Fuel Filter


6) Fuel Filter - Removal

Using a flat head screw driver or pliers, loosen the 3 clamps attached to the fuel pipes. This may take a while.

The clamps indicated in the photo should be loosened, rather than removed.

Once the clamps are loosened, remove the 4 fuel pipes from the Fuel Filter. The method I chose was to loosen the 3 clamps and then loosen the thick small rubber pipe extensions by sticking a screw driver in/under them and forcing them off the Fuel Filter. Trust me, this step will really test your patience!

Once you remove the Fuel Filter, you may get up to 1 litre of fuel still drip form the fuel pipes. It is advisable to catch that in a pan, so it does not spill on the floor and be a hazard. Also, do have a second person with a fire extinguisher waiting by you. When the Fuel Filter is being removed, do be careful that no fuel gets in your eyes.

Just for information as to what hose / pipe is for what:

1- Fuel Return
2 - From Fuel Tank
3 - Regulator Vacuum Hose
4 - Fuel Supply to Injectors

BMW Fuel Filter

BMW Fuel Filter


7) Swapping The Fuel Filter

Fit the new Fuel Filter, ensuring the rubber hoses and more importantly the clamps are tight.


8) Re-assembly

Now work in reverse order following all the above steps.


9) Final Steps

Once you have fitted the fuse back in, turn the ignition key to #2 and wait for 10 seconds, may be press the accelerator too. This will ge the fuel back in the fuel lines. I was able to start the car the first time with out any issues. Press the accelerator a few times to ensure the fuel is flowing smoothly.

Once the car is started, check for any leaks from the Fuel Filter.

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DIY BMW e46 Change Fuel Filter by - impee

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