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BMW Torque Specification



BMW Torque Tightening Specifications are used for tightening various different nuts, bolts, screws etc. to the correct strength. Over tightening parts can cause a lot of trouble, i.e. stripped heads, damaged nuts, threads, etc.

To tighten to a correct specification, you will need to acquire a Torque Wrench, instead of the commonly used Socket Wrench. A Torque Wrench allows you to manually set the level of tightening and then once it has reached that tightening (whilst using it), it will stop applying any more pressure and will make a click-click sound.

Torque Wrench sizes

Torque Wrenches are available in different sizes i.e. 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4". In turn, each size is capable of different levels of Torque e.g. Torque range 20-150lb/ft. 28-210Nm. When buying one, most importantly check the Torque Range. A similar Torque Wrench as shown below can be bought for about £22 from Screwfix.

The 1/2" for example means the thickness of the male connector end, so all other sockets and extension bars you buy for this wrench would also need to be 1/2" and so on, unless you have a converter socket.


Torque Wrench Connector

The below photos show what one looks like, also a close up of the Torque settings control.


Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench Full


Close up of Torque Control

Torque Wrench Close Up


BMW Tightening
Torque Specification

BMW Tightening Torques Specification


Conversion of Various
Units of Torque

Conversion Of Various Units Of Torque

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DIY BMW e46 Torque Specification by - impee

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